My God dog testimony: how God used a dog to reveal Himself     

It was a carnival like scene in San Francisco in the late 60's. The times had given way to a new generation: searching for ideals, extreme, vocal, questioning authority. Though the hippy generation is often condemned by many, for many of the youth it was a heart cry: discontented, lost, looking for something deeper. A great Christian revival, the Jesus Revolution was birth out of these times. Many of the young people were finding life and purpose in Jesus Christ, giving up everything to become one of his disciples.   
Down by the Height-Asbury district and Golden Gate Park there was a Christian mission. And since our art class was studying religion each Friday it so happened that two of the missionaries were invited to come and talk about there work on the streets of San Francisco. They didn't look like your average church-goers but there was something about them; an attraction, something, which I wish I had. I too was one of those searching; looking for truth, but I was clueless as to where to find it. But one of them said: if you really want to know God just ask him to show himself to you and he will, if you really want to do what he says. Not only did I remember, but the thought kept playing in my mind as I went to my next class...if you really want to know God just ask him to show himself to you...and he will...well I wanted to know God...I was searching. So as I sat down at my desk in my next class I was going to pray a little prayer to god, if there was a god.     
It was 1968 in Danville California. A beautiful spring day in my senor year at San Ramon High School. My desk was in the second row and 3rd one back. Both the back and front doors of the classroom were oddly left open. All the other students had already arrived as I sat down to say my prayer, I prayed softly: God if you are really real show yourself to me and I will do whatever you want. I was just a naive teenager; I didn't know what I was getting into. But no sooner did the words come out of my mouth then a dog comes walking into the classroom from the back door. A basset hound. The wiener like dogs with the long ears comes in the back door; walks to the far end of the class; walks up to the front of the classroom; walk across the front of the class; gets to my row; walks down my row and comes to my desk; sits back on his back legs and starts staring at me! Then I start staring back at him. After a few seconds I'm starting to get embarrassed and the other students, I could hear them starting to grumble, probably thinking 'what is going on'? Then the dog just gets up and disappears out the front door.
Think about it...what is the likelihood of someone saying a prayer in a classroom to God to show himself to them, and the next thing they know they are staring into the face of a dog (of whom they have had no relationship whatsoever)? When I gave my testimony at a church in St. Louis, that was the first time someone came up to me and said "do you know what dog spells backwards"?
God showed himself to me that day. He kept his part of the deal. Though I have fallen short at times, so help me Lord God to continue to do whatever you want--in Jesus' name. 
Wendy Francisco's GoD and DoG video